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CWC October – Gina

Hi! Please introduce yourself :)!

My name is Gina Mendez, I started skating 12 years ago.

Your passion seems to be longboarding and skating, please tell us when & why you started and why you are so fascinated about it!

My first style was only riding on my board then I felt a commitment and I started competing. I started traveling to know more about skateboarding and knowing more girls with the same feeling. I only had one style (tech-slide), then I started making a mix of styles like: freeride, freestyle and then skate tricks. I do not like to stay stuck in a single branch.

I have a great passion for this sport I can stop and I realized it when I had the worst accident of my life. I crash into a car and I broke my skull, I lost my sense of smell for 7 years this year I recover the smell. I have had many accidents and I have never stopped I cant, I carry it in my blood.


How would you describe your fashion style?

hmmm, my style is more like summertime, most of the time I like to use shorts and sport t-shirts, because I live in the tropic, so here is super hot all day.

Which cap brand is your favorite brand?

Reebok caps =)


What kind of music are you listening to when you are skating?

*I like Punk, hip-hop, electronic music =)

Last concert you have been to?

*Face to Face

Name your top 3 fav Instagram channels.





Is there anything you would like to tell us? 

Well, I like to cook a lot =), I stopped drinking because it took me away from my performance and I like to stay focused and clean. My body feels better and I take more advantage of my days.

Thank you Gina <3

Make sure to follow her on Instagram @soyginamendez


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